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Marley420 In Covington At 16204 S.E 272nd Street Offers The Widest, And Most Diverse Selection Of Marijuana, And Related Marijuana Products, both Medicinal, And Recreational. From CBD’s, To Lotions, Joints, & Much More.

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How Can Recreational/Medicinal Marijuana Help You?

Whether you need to use it for Medical reasons, or you Choose to use it recreationally there is always a way that Marijuana can help you.

Medical & Recreational Marijuana Faq:

  1. Can Marijuana Help With Back Pain?

    Yes, according to WebMD Marijuana can help reduce back pain, and inflammation.

  2. Can Marijuana Help With Arthritis?

    While Marijuana cannot stop arthritis it can help reduce inflammation, and pain in the areas arthritis has effected.

  3. Can Marijuana Cure Insomnia?

    Technically it cannot “Cure” insomnia per se (Or at least research says so) but it can combat it by helping some people fall asleep more quickly, or even somewhat immediately

  4. Can Marijuana Help With Migraines?

    The people say “Yes”. Doctors however still aren't sure. It has been both Proven, and Disproven. It is possible that it depends on the person.

  5. What Are Other Illnesses Marijuana Can Help?

    Depression, Eye Strain, Broken Bones, and Cancer are just a few if the illnesses that Marijuana can help by either reducing pain, inflammation, or spreading of the disease.

  6. Can Using Marijuana Medically Have Negative Effects?

    The only possible negative effect of marijuana is the possibility that you may become addicted to it (Just like other medications). But so long as you use it with Caution, and in mediation this Shouldn't be a problem. However if you feel that it may become addictive, you have addictive tendencies/habits, or you are a former addict we suggest that you avoid Marijuana.

  7. Why Would I Want To Use Marijuana Recreationally?

    The biggest reason people use Marijuana Recreationally is as a way of reducing stress, and calming down.

  8. Is Recreationally Using Marijuana Addictive?

    Compared to using it Medically then Yes. But so long as you use it in moderation, and don't develop a habit it shouldn't become addictive. If you fear that it will become addictive however, you have addictive tendencies/habits, or are a former addict we suggest that you don't use Marijuana Recreationally.

The Helpful Effects Of Marijuana:

Marijuana is an herb with many functions, including medicinal ones, being really effective for the prevention and treatment of different ailments.

At Marley420, we are experts in the treatment and sale of all kinds of products derived from Marijuana.

Therefore, as professionals in the sector we want to inform customers in detail about all possible medicinal uses of this plant.

What is Marijuana

Marijuana is a plant that has more than 500 chemicals among its leaves. These substances are in turn divided into tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These latest are the most important if what it is about is health.

This is because THC is a substance that acts on people’s behavior, causing such disruption in speech and such obvious gestures, while CBD has medicinal properties. Including being able to prevent epileptic seizures and reduce their intensity, as well as a high anti-inflammatory power.

Marijuana as an alternative medicine

Many countries remain skeptical about the legal use of this plant for therapeutic purposes. However within the scientific community there are already many professionals who claim that it is a truly beneficial herb. They say that it should be used to help in the treatment of certain diseases.

Of course, it is not always miraculous herb, and cannot completely cure some people. Sometimes Its effects are more associated with therapy and the reduction of symptoms, especially pain.

At Marley420 in Covington we know the benefits of this herb, and that is why we have a wide variety of products. 

Treatment of ailments

Prevents glaucoma

Several studies have shown that regular use of Marijuana helps in preventing glaucoma attacks.

Glaucoma is a disease caused by increased pressure in the eyeball. According to these studies, marijuana helps prevent and regulate these surges.It also helps slow disease from progressing, causing optic nerve failure and blindness.

Improves lung capacity

People with diagnosed lung cancer have a serious condition of their lung capacity. One study revealed that consumption of this herb greatly improved that ability and helped patients cope better with the disease at any stage.

Helps prevent epileptic seizures

This may be one of its most obvious effects certified by the scientific community: reducing the onset of epileptic seizures and reducing the intensity and number of jolts in each of them.

This is achieved through the joint action of cannabinoids and THC, which act control neural cellular activity and help reduce their arousal.

Prevents metastasis

Recently, a team of researchers in San Francisco found that THE CBDs present in Marijuana help slow the spread of cancer. And They do this by disabling duplication of a gene called Id-1

Stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s

THC has been shown to slow the progression of mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. It does this by delaying the formation of amyloid plaques. Which in turn starts blocking the top of the brain that is responsible for reproducing them.

This is really good, since these plaques are to blame for the progressive death of the neural cells which cause this disease.

Calm anxiety

In cancer patients, eating this substance helps reduce the usual pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy sessions. On the other hand, by soothing pain and deflating the body, it causes stress and anxiety to also decrease.

That said, it must be a very controlled dose. Otherwise, it may cause the opposite effect as expected.

These are some of the most prominent therapeutic effects of Marijuana.  In turn they have been tested by the scientific community as true and truly therapeutic for these and other types of diseases.

However, it always recommends making responsible use of this herb and consult with professionals in the sector beforehand to advise you on what will be the best way to consume it in your day to day.

Here At Marley420 you can find all the advice and marijuana products you need, we will attend you in a personalized way so that you learn more about all the hidden benefits that this powerful plant has.

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